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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The importance of perception

It is important that the demeanour reflects the purpose.
Create a perception. Build it up slowly.
Every action should be aimed at building up the intended perception.
A handshake, a smile, a snub, a pat ..everything ought to be immaculately timed to further the objective.
Any deviations are not permitted.

Being free spirited would only dish out confusion.

Why Arbitmind is ranting about the importance of perception all of a sudden ?

Because everything that has been written above is in direct conflict with his self.
Yet he cannot deny the veracity of those lines.

Maybe, sometimes what we all believe are not the best of beliefs.
Maybe beliefs are like choices. You can just choose to believe something & act accordingly.
If Arbitmind did not believe in those lines , that has been a wrong choice.

Its never too late. it ?

Monday, April 20, 2009


(more of a reflection of the  state of mind rather than a post)

After the Mumbai Indians VS the Chennai Superkings Match , Arbitmind remembered that Sachin had quoted "People sometimes throw stones at you and you have to convert them into milestones"

Very True. Trust legends like Sachin to inspire lesser mortals like the Arbitmind.

Monday, April 6, 2009


This had to happen someday. 
Business Sense versus Cricketing Knowledge having a public go at each other.

The Indian Premier League has had b(r)ought in a huge amount of glamour to the sport.
Well...not that cricket was suffering from any lack of it though..specially in the sub-continent.
Undeniable though that the the first edition of the IPL surely elevated the excitement to
hitherto unknown territory. Much of it was largely because the franchisees did cough up huge sums-- for
the players and infrastructure as well as promotions.
And the Public just loved the show. Even the cricket was of top quality.
However, that was just the tip of the iceberg.

What IPL had most significantly done, was to subtly place terms  like 'franchisee', 'investment', 'returns', 'profits', 'break-even' alongside  the more familiar jargon of 'deep midwickets', 'yorkers' & 'square cuts'.
The IPL had placed business barons, top-of-the rung actors & business conglomerates
right in the driver's seat. One would not fail to notice that previously cricket , business & Bollywood
would interact in a predictable fashion. You could have a cricketer-actress linkup, a cricketer endorsing a product of a business house or batsmen having certain logos on their bats. The point here was that nobody intruded into each others territory(notwithstanding Ajay Jadeja's foray into filmdom :-))

Hence you would not find Sunil Gavaskar's comments remotely connected to Shahrukh Khan's & vice-versa.
Then IPL happened.
Now, when Mr.Sunil Gavaskar slams John Buchanan in his column it is Shahrukh Khan who has to stand up 
to defend the coach of his team. Nothing wrong in that though.( Its Something like your Boss defending you in
public from an outsider-whatever may be your equation at the workplace.)
To be honest, Arbitmind doesn't find anything unnatural in the whole saga of a comment & a ' a team..' retort. 
What is striking though is that the IPL has bought people who are masters in their respective  domains & at the same time  completely ignorant about the others' trade... withing striking distance of each other. 
Gone are the days where every Indian captain/coach would face the ire of former captains every time he would lose a match & gulp it down.
Captains/Coaches could not reply back...'Go make a team & lead them if you are so concerned'. Reactions to criticism would be as insipid as a 'Krishi Darshan'..ostensibly because being a smart alec in front of media persons was not something that the Board took very kindly. In the IPL age, team owners do not have such constraints....& hence Arbitmind would see a whole lot of such ripostes in the near future. 
After all no investor really likes to be told what to do with his money until & unless the advice is coming from a  Warren Buffet himself. Neither would an all time great cricketer have a very kind view about a movie actor's cricketing acumen.
So get ready for these jibes & jabs...they will continue for some time. 
Neither Business nor Cricket is a pushover in this land & in these times.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Why have cockroaches survived through centuries...

"In the struggle for survival, the fittest win out at the expense of their rivals because they succeed in adapting themselves best to their environment." ~ Charles Darwin

It was an idle Saturday night in Pune, circa 2005.
Arbitmind & a couple of his friends had just finished a full bottle of Johnny Walker
when the realisation dawned that a dinner is actually an integral part of the human diet - 
- Specially so on Saturday nights when there is nothing more left to drink.
....& Off they(the two friends) went to get some dinner.  ..& in the meanwhile , a little bit of Star Movies...Arbitmind reckoned...would not be a bad idea. It was showing "Enemy at the Gates"
Hey !! he had one....not at the gates..but inside his new pair of shoes.

The enemy had been fooling him for a long time. - a couple of hours to be precise - that was the first time when 
Arbitmind had discovered that a cockroach...of all things..a cockroach....for heaven's sake..a cockroach
..had nested itself inside his new Reebok shoes. Which gentleman worth his salt would accept such an unprovoked & brazen attack on his prized possession? Immediate action was being planned(read looking around for a weapon..a broom..a slipper..or anything to that effect)...& that was when the bottle of Black Dog & his friends interfered & distracted his valiant self.
...and now when the issue of the Black Dog was settled it was the time to vanquish the enemy..& claim the 
associated glory.
Evidently.. the enemy would bolt the moment it got wind of Arbitmind's colossal plan.
Hence ..Sun Tzu like tactics would have to be adopted.
Arbitmind walked around casually...a bathroom slipper in his hand...humming a tune....
...reached the shoe rack almost unnoticed...& then.....WHACKK!!!

Doh !! The pest reacted faster....jumped out of the shoe & crouched near the corner!!

Eyeball to eyeball....for a moment the two adversaries eyed each other...& that temptation to 
finish it off  crawled within Arbitmind..nah !! "Act casually"...Arbitmind told himself..appear to be incompetent...that catches the enemy of-gaurd.
So he hit the slipper thrice on the adjoining wall.  The message was conveyed...from the corner of his eyes 
he could see the Cockroach relax a wee bit..Of Course it was up against someone not quite adept. Someone
with very little expertise in hitting out cockroaches...
Or so it seemed. 
The only put-off was that the shoe looked a bit devastated from the previous blow.
Never mind...lets convert the slipper into a projectile...Arbitmind used all his cricketing acumen
to take the aim...& threw the slipper...missed by a whisker...hit the TV instead. 
Nothing broken.
The enemy retreated...sensing the determination of the adversary...behind the TV.
Cannot let it go...decided Arbitmind & got hold of the Badminton Racquet. Two more whacks around the TV
& it came out running....fleeing...Arbitmind raced after it...
The door flung open...

"Bong...You said you were not drunk"
Arbitmind: "Of course I am not. What has got into you? Got the dinner?"
(furious)"Why are you running around the room with a baddy racquet & why were u hitting the TV? Of course
you are drunk"
Arbitmind: "Preposterous...all people who intend to get rid of pests are drunk?"


"You will have Roti or Naan..we got both"

The cockroach survived. Arbitmind realised why cockroaches have survived for centuries.
Of course..because some people think that only drunks think of getting rid off the cockroaches.
Darwin anyone ?