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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The importance of perception

It is important that the demeanour reflects the purpose.
Create a perception. Build it up slowly.
Every action should be aimed at building up the intended perception.
A handshake, a smile, a snub, a pat ..everything ought to be immaculately timed to further the objective.
Any deviations are not permitted.

Being free spirited would only dish out confusion.

Why Arbitmind is ranting about the importance of perception all of a sudden ?

Because everything that has been written above is in direct conflict with his self.
Yet he cannot deny the veracity of those lines.

Maybe, sometimes what we all believe are not the best of beliefs.
Maybe beliefs are like choices. You can just choose to believe something & act accordingly.
If Arbitmind did not believe in those lines , that has been a wrong choice.

Its never too late. it ?

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