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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

the 31st Night

Arbitmind had an enjoyable New years Eve. Now enjoyment to Arbitmind means a bottle of SmirnOff,some orange juice & of course the customary chicken--anything else is just an add on. However, Arbitmind being a married man has additional social responsibilities. 
One strange thing-- when Arbitmind was  bachelor he never received calls from well meaning college seniors who would offer him complimentary passes to the poshest party in town. Something changed with marriage .This year Arbitmind got a call from a senior on the 31st morning:

"Hey, Got couple passes for XYZ. Wanna come? "
- "Hmmmm....yeps" [The prospect of a Bollywood Damsel dancing in that party was the clincher. Now that was a good add-on] 
....& so began 31st evening. Decided to go together to the venue. Arbitmind is resource conscious. Why take 2 cars for 4 people?

Halfway down....Arbitmind's phone rings...

"Hey dude...the patry's been cancelled. Supposedly the Police has some issues..some security threat yaar **&%$##@ ". 

Arbitmind: "errr. the patry has been cancelled "

Reaction 1: #@#$$%%!!!
Reaction 2 : Now?
Reaction 3: &^%#$#$ luck!!

Arbitmind: "Lets get the stuff<Mind Read>Vodka+Orange Juice+Chicken<Mind Read> &  sit in our cozy home. The music system is also there"

Arbitmind's better half lets out a sigh of resignation. 
<Mind Read> "Will this guy ever change?"<Mind Read>

Epilogue: The vodka was good. Didn't really care about the music. 

Happy New Year to all from Arbitmind.(hic)

Given such an auspicious begining Arbitmind can be reasonably sure that the year will be a good..sorry..great one.



Madhurjya (Banjo) said...

:) We all are getting old.Isn't it? But good to see you blogging.

Madhurjya (Banjo) said...

We are all getting old. Isn't it? :) But good to see you blogging.

arbitmind said...

Good for me or the blog ? :-)

Shovan said...

Chalo atleast you had spirits.. my premonition was you will only get your hands on a coca cola :-D