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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Supernatural Conversation :-)

Apologise for this post to people who do not understand Bengali. 
However, this news item just could not be ignored.

Summary :

The police were informed of a suicide in the night. 
The 'body' was hanging from a tree. Apparently the lady in question had
hung herself b'coz of some domestic issues.
Her husband & villagers had gathered below the tree & are lamenting.
As per the law, a policeman climbs up the tree to retrieve the body.
As he gets near the body, the 'dead woman' declares .."I am alive".
The poor cop gets the shock of his life & was about to fall down afer having been scared out of his wits,
the woman(who was presumed dead till then) prevents the cop from falling down after the shock.
Investigation has revealed that the woman simply acted out the entire episode to
teach her husband a lesson. All the time, she was actually standing on a branch with a rope
around her neck.
The police has warned the woman not to repeat such a thing. 

Priceless !!!  'Raaz 3' anyone ?

1 comment:

Shovan said...

It happens only in India [music - tana tang tana tang]!!!!