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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Teamwork...& a trick question

The Inter-IT cricket tournament kicked off last week. A mixed bag of results for Arbitmind's team.
However the last couple of matches was a QED in terms of what the B-schools teach you about teamwork. 
Had a couple of brilliant individual performances in the first match ...but we lost out. In the second match everybody played in bits & pieces but a co-ordinated effort saw the team through.
The matches from Arbitmind's perspective:

Match 1 (27th December) : against United Software Associates

Matting wickets always scared Arbitmind. The prospect of the ball skidding through is never a very comforting thought for a batsman. However what constitutes a comforting thought is that our captain Sanjoy has this persistent knack of winning the toss(to the point where some guyz think that he might just be practising the toss discreetly; the guy has not lost a single toss in the last 1 year. Harvey Dent (of Batman fame) would do good to reconsider his belief regarding tossing coins before killing his victims. I bet he would not like to take on Sanjoy with a coin) 
The toss was 'Sanjoy-ed' & our openers walked out. A couple of balls later one of them walked back in-the timber was disturbed-u see. In walked Arbitmind...& it seemed the bowlers had made up their minds that they would bowl short & wide to this bespectacled guy who was taking a leg stump guard & was adjusting his "recently straightened" hair- at the same time.
Barring that one ball which hit him straight under the jaw, Arbitmind had a rocking time out there-clubbing 63 runs out of a total of 90 in the stipulated 12 overs. We had a 'decent' total in place!!!!
From then on it was all downhill. :-( Ashish was the saving grace- took 4 wickets in his 3 overs & rattled the opposition batsmen but rest of the bowlers got clobbered all around the park. United Software Associates got home with a good one over to spare.
All in all two great individual performances but the team ended up on the losing side & that's just the first part of the lesson.

Brief Scores:

Talentica: 90/4 in 12 overs
USA        : 92/6 in 11 overs
Match 2 (04th January) : against Extentia

The toss was 'Sanjoy-ed' again(this is becoming some sort of a cliche)
The openers made sure that the sacrosanct tradition of our team- an opener trudging back in the very first over continued & in walked Arbitmind- brimming with confidence. Pundits say that cricket is a strange game- cruel sometimes. Poor little Arbitmind would soon find out why!!! After scratching around for 6 balls Arbitmind walks off without troubling the scorers.( So much so for being the team hero in the last match.)
Bhola(27) , Sheru(12)& Sanjoy(10) saved the blushes & we scraped through to 67 runs, thoroughly insufficient for a 12 over match against any sort of opposition. Unless there was a miracle - (the perfect setting for Arbitmind to exercise his mystical powers & get the game abandoned due to rain...Alas!! Arbitmind's powers have weekends too)
The bowlers took it on themselves. Ashish got going , so did Shashi & Pandharinathan, together they made sure that this meagre total of 67 was defended with gusto. The ground fielding was superb, so was the catching. Choked up the runs & in the end restricted Extentia to 62 runs in 12 overs. 
The first win the tournament & an eye opener.

There is no substitute for teamwork(As long as it is not Team India:-)  QED

Brief Scores:

Talentica: 67/6 in 12 overs
Extentia  : 62/8 in 12 overs

***^^^                                      ^^^^   ****                      ***** ^^^^^                         ^^^^ *****
That brings me to the quote of the week

PS: While walking out to bat against guy actually asked Arbitmind "Which company?". Till date Arbitmind is not sure whether that was an attempted sledge to throw the new batsman off-guard or it was a genuine question. A trick question maybe.......

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