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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A clean slate

The simplest of incidents spreads the greatest of joys.

Arbitmind was driving towards the Office on Sunday morning, to pick up the cricket kit. The match against Redknee in the offing. As he took a turn right from Baner Phata, a bus stopped right in front of him(arrghh !!).
An irritated Arbitmind had no option but to wait till that machine would move. 
As he was muttering a curse softly below his breath, there was a knock on the window pane near the passenger seat.

A street kid, no more than 10 years old(they all look so very alike).

Ohh No!! He she will ask for money & encouraging the 'Child Begging Industry' is one thing Arbitmind abhors.
Arbitmind tried to ignore. The knocks grew louder. 
Rolled down the window panes partially so that Arbitmind could scare her off.

This little girl  starts shouting ..pointing frantically towards the bonnet, "light...light.." 

Ohho !!! The lights were turned on (it was 11 in the morning).

Arbitmind Smiled. Turned the lights off...& smiled back at the girl. There was a Mentos in his pocket(most smokers do !!)
Gave it to the kid , smiled again & rolled up the glasses.

She gave a smile, ran towards the footpath. There was another kid there...much younger (4-5 years or so).
This girl opened the Mentos & put the Mint her companions mouth, turned around & waved to Arbitmind.
Both the kids were was Arbitmind. The irritation of having to stop behind the bus had vanished. 

In the hindsight, it was a pure, unadulterated exchange of smiles. Everybody was feeling happy. to how the little joys of life prop you up.

Just before that, Arbitmind was not really in the best of spirits.

 His team had lost the match on Saturday & he himself had been a dismal failure in the match. 
 Fuel was running low in the car & the PSU strike made sure that he was not able to get a re-fill.. fact he was running on the reserve- another cause for worry. 
The left leg was hurting badly(remnants of the Saturday match)

...& that one instant cleaned the slate. 
As if it was a fresh beginning.

PS: Arbitmind's team won the match against Redknee.(& Arbitmind played well)
    The PSU Strike was over by the afternoon & Arbitmind was able to get the fuel for his car.

The aggravated. 


pradeeps said...

Oh , nice post shuvo...twas a feel good post.. :)

AD said...

good could reach out & rub on the positivity to the reader.