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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Talent, Luck & Underpants

Why do most comic book superheroes wear their underpants on the outside?

Now this has been one question which has hounded Arbitmind since his early days.
(Arbitmind is sure many social scientists  & fashion designers have also racked their brains on this issue)

Arbitmind's first brush with comic book characters started off with the immensely adorable Tintin series.
(It will always remain his eternal love)

A sudden transition to the Phantoms, Batmans & the Supermans of the world threw him a little out of the orbit.
Tintin was dressed 'normally' & yet managed to make villains like General Tapioca, Rastapopulus & even the Al Capone eat humble pie.(with the additional responsibility of managing a drunk Captain & an weird scientist)

Then, What necessisated Phantom , Batman or Superman to wear an underpant on the outside while taking on their opponents?
(Well, Versaces of the world would be more than happy design a few costumes for them -- why not avail of their services if one is so desperate for an eye catching costume?)

The first possible explanation that occured to Arbitmind(long, long ago when he was a kid)

Intimadating the opponent ?--- no way, shock & surprise -- maybe.!!!
Imagine a gang of armed robbers en course of robbing a bank suddenly encountering a man with mask & his underpants 
worn outside--jaws of the robbers drop(some things are too weird to ignore -- u see)-- a resultant loss of focus from the job at hand---& that split second of 
confusion on the part of the villains would give Phantom, Batman or Superman the time to land a punch. So wearing underpants on the outside is a kind of diversionary tactic deployed by the superheroes. The underpant grabs all the attention
& the superhero goes about his job without much active resistance.

However a more plausible explanation occured to Arbitmind much later.

That was when he saw the role model for all superheroes --- someone who had decimated an entire Pakistani armoured division
single handedly, someone who had got rid of all the "Balwant Rai ke Kutte" & even then managed ko keep his hair weaving
intact --- proudly declare on TV -- advocating the use of innerwear(with just a Banyan on)

                                 ~~ Aapna LUCK pehenke chalo

It struck Arbitmind that even Superheroes need Luck. 
("Talent ke saath saath Luck ki bhi zaroorat hoti hain"~ Luck by Chance)

& if you have Talent & Luck --why not flaunt it ? 
Thats a way of putting it across to the criminals "Look you eggheads...I got
the talent to bash you up all & here is my luck. SO better stop whatever you are upto & bolt"

'Bottom'line : Underpants bring luck. They beef up your 'talent'. (However underpants cannot substitute for talent)


Shovan said...

ye andarr ki baat hai!!! why are you taking it out?

Narayan Raman said...

Good one! :)